We believe day care is your dog’s time to enjoy being a dog, relatively free of human expectations and commands. When it comes to supervising, we’re vigilant, yet discreet, because we firmly believe it fosters better pack socialisation. Grown-up dogs help to socialise the pups and golden oldies can enjoy the countryside at their own pace.

About us

We’re North London’s premier dog and puppy day care, providing vet approved, all-day countryside fun and supervision for dogs of all shapes and ages. We facilitate a safe and secure environment for your best friend to enjoy the outdoors in the company of professional and experienced carers and a friendly pack.

While you’re doing human things, your lucky dog is expending energy in our custom designed day care facility, The Meadow. Completely secure with oodles of room to run and play, The Meadow boasts warm and comfortable sheltered areas for inclement weather or simply a bit of downtime from the action.

The Team

Seb Byrd (Founder)

Seb started his day care business a decade ago and has never regretted his choice to leave the rat race behind. Through a combination of hard work and a true passion for canines of all shapes and sizes, Seb has built Capital Dog Care into a trusted, reliable service beloved by clients and their dogs alike. When not spending time with his young family, Seb is often seen out and about with his labrador Peekay, scooting around North London in one of the dog-mobiles. While he’s built a cracking team of dog lovers at Capital Dog Care, he’s still very much involved in the day to day caring for the pack.

Lauren is happiest when watching dogs grow within the pack, building their confidence and making friends. She has a whopping 12 years of canine experience, two years working with Dogs Trust and, with an Extended Level 3 Animal Management Diploma, she brings an array of practical skills that benefit the pack on a daily basis. Lauren’s favourite dog is the greyhound, as they’re elegant and graceful, with great personalities and lots of love to give.

Courtney’s favourite part of the job is squeezing in a few sleepy cuddles after a hard day of play at The Meadow. Courtney’s combined seven years experience and Extended Level 3 Animal Management Diploma ensures she’s confident in all canine-related situations. Like Lauren, she’s also spent two years working with Dogs Trust and her favourite dog is the Springer Spaniel, because “they’re beautiful and loyal and will do anything for a treat!”.

Capital’s most recent recruit Kelly has a particular soft spot for Miniature Dachshunds because they’re loyal and give generous hugs. The best part of Kelly’s day is picking up the dogs in the morning and seeing how excited they are that she’s arrived! In addition to being a firm favourite with her canine charges Kelly has a Level 3 Higher distinction CPD in dog grooming.

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