More than just a walk in the park

We provide all-day countryside dog and puppy day care, Monday to Friday.

Dogs are picked up at around 9am*, and then transported in one of our custom built, shiny dog vans to our lovely meadow in the countryside.

Up at the meadow, the dogs grace us humans with some of their time, but they’re usually far too busy playing with each other.

The land is securely fenced so you can be sure your dog is not going to wander off, and a large shelter means respite from the rain and shade from the sun.

The dogs are chauffeured home at the end of the day. Bar the snoring, the vans are noticeably quieter on the way home than they were in the morning! They get home around 5:30pm, ready for a cuddle from you, a hearty supper, and a deep sleep.

We’ve found our format to be ideal for dogs of all ages and levels of energy. Puppies are socialised and educated by their elders, the high-energy dogs can run and play to their hearts’ content, and the more mature ladies & gentlemen can ramble at a more dignified pace.

In a nutshell, we will provide your dog with great days out and you with peace of mind.

*We are happy to let ourselves in if no one is home. We have keys for most of our clients’ houses plus key holder insurance.