A typical day in the life of a Capital Dog Care pack member…

Your best friend is picked up around 9am* and transported a short journey to The Meadow, a secure location where the pack is free to roam and play for the rest of the day. While our professional and highly trained team remains vigilant to the pack’s activity, we aim to take a back seat when we can, so your dog has the most unconstrained dog-centric adventure possible.

The Meadow is subdivided, so we tend to group dogs of similar sizes in to play with each other, although we do make a special effort to keep good friends together, regardless of size. A decision on ‘who goes where’ is taken daily by the onsite team and revisited throughout the day to ensure optimum fun and safety.

With a continuing rotation of toys, a variety of shelter options and new friends on a daily basis, no two days are the same for your dog at Capital Dog Care. At the end of the day they’re chauffeured home, ready for a cuddle from you, a hearty supper and a deep sleep.

“Our format is ideal for dogs of all ages and energy levels. Puppies are socialised by the elder dogs at a crucial development stage, higher energy dogs can run to their hearts’ content and the more mature ladies and gents can ramble at a more dignified pace.”

Seb Byrd.
Capital Dog Care Founder

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*Pick up and drop off times may vary slightly. We hold most of our clients’ house keys and have key holder insurance.