Dog & Puppy Day Care N21

Safe, engaging, and active days out!

A day in the life of a Capital dog:

We pick up our furry friends at around 9am and they are transported to The Meadow, a secure location where the pack is free – and safe – to roam and play all day.

Our dog mobiles are modern, air conditioned and custom equipped to keep everyone safe and cosy.

We believe doggy day care is your dog’s time to enjoy being a dog, relatively free of human expectations and commands. When it comes to supervising, we are vigilant, yet discreet, because we firmly believe it fosters better pack socialisation. Unconstrained, dog-centric adventure is the aim. That said, there is always time for a cuddle if required!

The Meadow is subdivided, so we tend to group dogs of similar sizes and energy levels in to play with each other, although we do make a special effort to keep good friends together. A decision on ‘who goes where’ is taken daily by the team and revisited throughout the day to ensure optimum fun and safety. We also have an area specifically the puppies.

The Meadow boasts warm and comfortable shelters for inclement weather or simply a bit of downtime from the action. Each of these has a different theme, with statement wall murals designed and decorated by one of our very own staff members! The shelters also contain a range of comfortable dog beds, blankets, and toys, to keep our pack entertained when relaxing.

Our format is ideal for dogs of all ages and energy levels. Puppies are socialised at a crucial development stage; higher energy dogs can run to their hearts’ content and the more mature ladies and gentlemen can ramble at a more dignified pace.

With a continuing rotation of toys, a variety of shelter options and new friends daily, no two days are the same for your dog.

At Capital Dog Care – we also love to celebrate! From having Birthday parties for your dog, to visits from Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, we just cannot get enough! There is always something exciting going on. You can find examples on our social media pages.

We also like to add a little something to the owners’ days so as such you will receive pictures of what is going on whenever your dog is with us.

And then we head for home. The dogs are chauffeured home, ready for cuddles, hearty suppers, and deep sleeps.

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Our carefully managed pack is made up of friendly small to medium dogs only.

Pick up and drop off in our purpose-built dog mobiles.

Our professional team and secure meadow location means your dog’s safety is assured.

Manage your dog's schedule with ease using our bespoke app.