Most owners know instinctively that kindness, love, and a little discipline will help their new puppies develop into well mannered, adult dogs – and they act accordingly. However, many need assistance with one critical aspect of canine coaching: getting their pups to behave and be happy mixing with other dogs.


Socialising them, in a word. We at Capital Dog Care are highly aware of the need for socialisation and have become expert in it. To the extent that we have launched a Puppy School specifically to introduce young dogs to a world that is bigger and wider than their owners’ homes.

A world where pups can play, have fun, and acquire social skills with other dogs in a safe environment. And all at a relatively low cost, too. We are offering Puppy School for £25 per day, half our adult dog care rate of £40.


Our understanding is that puppies gain maximum benefit from formal socialisation when they are between the ages of 12 and 24 weeks. Before 12 weeks, they’re too young; beyond 24 weeks they are sufficiently mature to enrol for our adult day care service.

Owners can book their pups into the Puppy School on any day of the week, Monday to Friday; and there is no commitment on number of days. For instance, a pup can be booked in five days a week, every week, or sporadically – 1 day per week, for example.
Our aim with the Puppy School is to assist owners in fostering confidence and happiness within their young dogs.
If this is of interest, please note spaces are limited so please contact us today to avoid disappointment!

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